I tried to do a sudoku as I published before but I wasn’t able to finish it because it cause a lot of trouble the windows.h library I wasn’t able to find other library to substitute that one so I didn’t finished my project

Go Bananas

This WSQ wasn’t very difficult I saw this video from Fabrizzio that was very helpful and made this assignment easier

Multipart Data and Files

After trying to do the WSQ8 this one looks easy but this include new things, after check out this post it as very easy for me to achieve it


I have decided my project, honestly I didn’t´t know what I was going to do so I looked other projects from previous courses and I saw one that was about Sudoku and I got really interested in because when I was little I used to play Sudoku with my dad, I found this page and there is how I´m going to program the Sudoku.

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